Staff Council

IUPUI Gerald L. Bepko Staff Council Spirit Award

Nominations Open: September 1, 2018
Deadline to Apply for 2018 Award: September 30th, 2018

For full-time appointed IUPUI staff.

The IUPUI Bepko Spirit Award recognizes full-time staff members who through extraordinary service and special (professional, team, or volunteer) contributions exemplify the spirit of IUPUI, strengthening IUPUI by fostering collegiality, cooperation, creativity and innovation toward the end of helping IUPUI become one of the nations' best urban universities for employment and education.

The spirit of IUPUI is demonstrated through one's overall attitude, as well as through acts of loyalty, teamwork, and contribution to the mission, goals, and strategic initiatives of the university. The Bepko Spirit Award will be presented to the staff member or team who most exemplifies that spirit. The nominator will write a brief narrative with these characteristics in mind:

The IUPUI Bepko Spirit Award is open to all IUPUI appointed full-time staff members who contribute to the overall mission and success of the university. All nominees for the IUPUI Bepko Spirit Award will receive a letter of notification by email that they have been nominated for the award. The award recipient(s) will receive a letter of congratulations and the appropriate supervisor(s) will be notified. Bepko Spirit Award recipients will be selected in the summer and recognized at the Chancellor's Employee Recognition Ceremony in the fall.

The IUPUI Bepko Spirit Award is sponsored by the IUPUI Staff Council and administered by the Rewards and Recognition Committee.

Questions? Please contact Lisa Elko.


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