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Staff Council Member of the Year

Nominations Open: TBD
Deadline to Apply for 2017 Award: TBD

For Staff Council Members Only

Beginning in 2013, IUPUI’s Staff Council began awarding the Staff Council Member of the Year award to an outstanding volunteer annually. The intention of this award is to honor a member who has exhibited extraordinary service to IUPUI’s staff through his or her work on the Staff Council. The ideal honoree has demonstrated great commitment to serving his or her fellow staff through committee work, leadership roles, or general membership. He or she has gone above and beyond the responsibilities of Staff Council membership to serve members of the campus community and improve the experience of their constituents. The awardee is active in both general meetings and committee assignment, providing valuable feedback and serving as a conduit for the needs of staff.

The Staff Council Member of the Year award is open to all current IUPUI Staff Council members. Self-nominations and nominations of others are welcome. All nominees for the Member of the Year award will receive a letter of notification by email that they have been nominated for the award. The award recipient will receive a letter of congratulations, the appropriate supervisor will be notified, and an award. The winner will be honored at the IUPUI Staff Council retreat in July and at the first meeting of the following year. If selected as the Council Member of the Year, the winner will be disqualified from winning the New Member or Committee Chair of the Year awards for this year.

The Staff Council Member of the Year award is awarded by the IUPUI Staff Council and administered by the Staff Development Committee.

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